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"Luxury for affordable price!"

Luxury for affordable price! Unbelievable! I didn’t expect this would cost such a low price. Our Istanbul trip was an unexpected journey. So we weren’t prepared for this. I was worth a shot. Laaarge rooms, clean bathrooms and kitchen… We were so satisfied. There was nothing imperfect.

Zhi Yun Han – China

"Comfortable beds, awesome rooms."

Guys, this place is reaaly cool! You must go and stay there. You’ll never regret it. After a long day, you can rest your private room well. The bed was so comfortable. Evenings, me and my friends spent our time hanging in the living room and watching television. It was a good time with no problems!

Jin Chou – China

"Romantic nights!"

I love cooking! I love this place! I cooked for my family and we had it together. And the view was amazing! Nights were so romantic that my husband and I spent our times in the terrace. Wine and a great book were also good company at nights.

Cheri B. Brewster – UK

"Vive l’Hygiène !"

Last winter, we decided to spend our holiday in Istanbul. We chose this place to stay for 10 days. Because comments were so convincing. That’s true! We experienced all beautiful features that everyone talked about. Hygiene was so important to me, and I was really satisfied.

Camilla Baldwin – UK

"Suitable for male bonding"

Cool days! What an extraordinary weekend! We’re there for 3 days to conclude a treaty. Business trip are always boring! But this one wasn’t. Our apartment was with a garden. After meetings, we spent evenings in that garden having a cup of tea and talking sports! It’s suitable for male bonding! TV, Wi-Fi and all those beautiful rooms… Thank you, nice friendly employees!

Brandon Ashworth- UK

"Ten magnificent days"

We stayed here for ten days. We didn’t expect that’ll be so much fun. My friends hesitated over staying in an apartment rather than a hotel. Because they didn’t want to prepare a meal. Then, I said it’s worth trying. We had our own rooms so that we had times to spend all alone. Garden was so perfect!

Judith Adcock- UK

"Keep going Taksim Ultra VIP"

The best part of the accommodation was probably to sleep in the room with the sea view. It was such a strong feeling that keeps me alive. You start to enjoy it right after waking up, even sleeping. I have to admit that there is no such a place I can feel like living at home. Well-heated, bar chair option in the kitchen, free internet, the cabstand in front of the building. Jesus! This place is amazing!

Edward D. Thompson, US

"So much reason to stay here"

What a great experience! The idea of the garden was awesome. And the rooms were so clean that my nitpicky daughter loved it. We also felt safe because locking system was great. Plus, I guess the best benefit of the room for my daughter was probably free WİFİ. Having the laundry save us from searching a place to clean our cloths.

Tursynbek Nabiyev, Kazakhstan

"More than 5-Star Accommodation"

I was planing to stay near a family during my education, but I lost the family’s number somehow. When I arrived in Istanbul, it was night time. While looking for the house around there, I saw Takvim Ultra VIP Apartments. I was tired and decided to stay one night. Despite late hour, the personnel on the front desk was so nice. My room was so huge and ı loved it. When I saw the room, I forgot my exhaustion and started to enjoy it. After waking up very next day in a comfortable bed, I decided to stay one more night. Thank you for all your smiles, lovely people.

Renata Fabian, Hungary

"An Unexpected journey to Taksim Ultra VIP"

We are a bevy of young men. Four of us including me, we planned to camping during our visit to Istanbul, but it was freezing. So we decided to stay in a building. One of us recommended Taksim Ultra VIP Apartments and I was like „Oh my god man, we cannot afford it.” I was thinking this way because I thought that a VIP service costs a lot. But I was wrong. The comfort beated the price. Very cozy and clean and economic. The best decision we ever made.

Bill Chan, Taiwan

"The best of its kind"

We stayed here during our visit to my grandson who’s living in Istanbul. It was our choice to stay here because he praised it. He welcomes some guests of him in here. The personnels were very kind. The furniture was comfortable. The view was amazing. Afternoons, my wife did some drawing while watching the view. We felt like we were home. Before sleeping, I sat one of those comfortable couches and enjoyed TV. Our room were cleaned every single day.

Henrik Orban, Hungary

"Nothing but best"

Lovely people offer a quality service to you. It was peace and quiet. If you have a large family, you should prefer this place. Clean and refreshing atmosphere provide you a rescue chamber. If I lived in this city, I would like to stay there to rest my head. As for location, it was very easy to get access after travelling around.

Recommendation: The best place to stay because it’s the cheapest one thereabouts.

Laura Gnall, Switzerland

"Très magnifique"

Large rooms, a beautiful garden and magnificent terrase… All of these are just magnifique. My famille doesnt want to stay in an apartment first, but they were also satisfied. And what a lovely couch was! Très bien. The workers were also good guides for our trip. They recommended so many place we can go.

Recommendation: You should enjoy the bed. What a comfort!

Jacquette Déboise, France

"Best Holiday"

I stayed there for 4 nights with my colleges. We were four men in total. There were excellent rooms and a magnificent crew. Everyday we stayed there, the apartment was cleaned by the crew. They were polite and hardworking. The personnel in the front desk was very helpful. The bathroom with hydro massage was so awesome that I didn’t want to get out of the shower. I think it was the best part of it.

Recommendation: Be sure to buy a souvenir for your beloved ones before leaving there.

Ahmad Al-e Darvish, Iran

"Great Accommodation for trippers"

I stayed at one of the 4 Bedroom Presidential Balcony Apartments with my family. It was suitable for my wife, our children and me. Rooms are huge and the kitchen makes my wife happy. Also our children loved the garden option. We are looking forward to our next trip to Istanbul.

Recommendation: Enjoy your private times while sitting the chair and reading your book.

Geoffrey Martin, Canada

"The best place for accommodation in istanbul"

The best place for accommodation in istanbul. uniqe istanbul views, comfortable and clean rooms, warmly workers and also this apartments are city center of istanbul. i am sure that you will like this apartments. thanks for everything.

Guangzhou, Çin

"Fabulous location for exploring Istanbul"

Leamington Spa, İngiltere

"You should definitely stay here!"

Amazing sea view from my suite, friendly and very helpful staff, enormous rooms, warm environment in all areas, clean, very close to a super market and few steps away from some of the best restaurants in Istanbul! Unforgettable experience. Excellent resort, I felt better than home


"Istanbul is amazing city"

We were in Taksim Ultra VIP Apartments Hotel during christmas holiday, it was a fantastic stay. We were even informed about hotel and Istanbul (tours, good restaurants etc) after reservation and we were wellcomed perfectly.

Hotel is situated in top location of city center and apartment quality is even better than photos and videos of the hotel. And staff was always smiling and trying to help us.

We really missed the hotel now and we will surely advice it to all our relatives and we hope we will come also again as well.

Moskova, Rusya

"Family of 5 Fabulous Trip to Istanbul"

We came to Istanbul from Christmas to New Year 2014/5 and stayed at the Taksim Ultra VIP apartment. As the kids are all young adults now, we really enjoyed the space in the apartment and it provides for so much better interaction than several hotel rooms. The apartment is centrally located and a short walk, down hill to the tram ( to Sultanahmet etc..) and uphill back. It is also an easy walk to Changir Square and Taksim square with many good choices of restaurants and shops. In front of the apartment is a taxi stand, several restaurants and a grocery shop. Clean, very updated, good security, and onsite manager and staff. Host is available to plan excursions, airport pickups and the like. I’d easily use it again and recommend to my friends.

Dallas, Teksas