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Bosphorus Tour Guide in Istanbul

It is impossible to leave İstanbul without touring Bosporus. We will try to give information about Bosporus to you besides giving recommendations on which path you will follow or how you can enjoy it.

Bosphorus tour guide Istanbul

Bosporus connects good old Black Sea and Sea of Marmara. The Bosporus shores dividing İstanbul into two hosted many civilisations. İstanbul, the capital city of both East-roman Empire and Ottoman Empire, still has a special place in Turks’ hearts as well.

Bosporus is the narrowest waterway which allows the international maritime transportation. There are two draw bridges, Boğaziçi Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, over it. The name of the third bridge under construction will be Yavuz Sultan Selim. It is claimed that this one will solve the unlocking traffic problem.

One of the solutions to this problem besides these bridges connecting Asia with Europe was Marmaray, an undersea rail tunnel under Bosporus.

It is possible for you to tour Bosporus in two ways: by sea or by land. If you prefer to tour by land, you can visit the villages one by one. It is the best way to tour Bosporus. It will take much time to do it, but definitely worth it. If you have enough time, it is highly recommended. If you go for sea route, you can start off from Eminönü, Ortaköy, Beşiktaş, Kadıköy or Karaköy. You can find a boat in one of these places to tour around within one or two hours. You can also use round voyages.

To those who will choose sea route, you should get on the boat in the place of departure. Because it is possible to be no room available. If you stay inside of the boat, you cannot have a great view. Naturally, you cannot take a great photograph as well. Supposing that you start off from Eminönü, you will follow the route heading for Beşiktaş, Kanlıca, Yeniköy, Sarıyer, Rumeli Kavağı and Anadolu Kavağı. You will pass under Boğaziçi Bridge after seeing Galata Tower, Dolmabahçe Palace, and Ortaköy Mosque. Galata Tower is a 62 meter-long and 12-storey building. At the top of it, there is an open public balcony with a great view and restaurant. There is Beylerbeyi Palace in Asian side of Bosporus. After that, you will see Göksu Pavilion named after Göksu Stream near it. It’s up to you whether to keep going or not after Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge appears. By the way, do not miss the chance to taste Kanlıca yogurt! It is served with powder sugar. It is a traditional flavour.

You must see the rest of it if you are planning a full trip. You’ll have enough time to sightsee when you arrive at Anadolu Kavağı. A castle from Byzantine Era is waiting for you at the top of the hill that you will go up to by looking at pretty duplex houses. You can enjoy the view on the top of the castle.



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