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Istanbul Tourist Information Blog

Malls in Istanbul near Taksim

Istanbul is probably the paradise of Shopping Malls since last 10 years, as there is not any touristic city with many shopping malls either in Europe or in Middle East. Taksim is the center of Istanbul and due to central location, it is quiet easy to reach many shopping malls in İstanbul by public transportation as well. We will inform shopping malls which have more…

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Complete Istanbul Tourist Office List

There are several tourism information offices in Istanbul, the first one is in İstanbul Atatürk Airport. And there are many in different parts of Istanbul too. These offices will help guests to find locations of hotels and also many touristic destinations. All offices will provide maps and guides in several languages. You can find contact information of these offices in below: Atatürk Havalimanı Tourism Information…

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What to do in Istanbul at night?

Istanbul is a living city not only in the daytime but also nights. You can keep your fingers on the pulse of the night in some places of entertainment according to your interest or you can prefer to go to the places which you will spend a quiet and peaceful night with your beloved ones. Galata Meyhanesi (Galata Pub or Wine House from Persian version)…

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10 companies for car rental Istanbul

Many visitors of Istanbul prefer to rent a car in Istanbul, as Istanbul city is so big and every part of city is worth to visit. Although there is public transportation for many parts of city, it is very complicated and tiring to go many places by public transportation – as especially busses and metrobuses are with full of people and it is necessary to…

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Which is the best hammam in Istanbul?

The hammam culture traces to Ancient Rome by the findings from the archaeological digs. Throughout the history, hammams have been used not only for bathing but also for pleasure and entertainment. As an important figure of Istanbul’s cultural wealth like mosques, these hammams still continue their existences today. Here are the remarkable buildings of this culture that we have chosen for you: Aga Hammam While…

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Most Beautiful Mosques in Istanbul

One of the unique beauties is the minarets extending to the sky of the architecture and the history. Naturally, there are more prominent ones among all numerous buildings that has witnessed to centuries. Here is the must-see mosques of Istanbul which is not enough to hear of them: Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya) Mosque A patriarchal cathedral before the conquest of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia was turned into…

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Istanbul museums that you can visit

Istanbul is a living city that has hosted different cultures with its ever-changing structure and kept up with each age passing through. It hides a huge history somewhere inside. Still you can’t sense this historical texture not just wandering around the streets of the city. You must see the cultural heritage that makes this city “Istanbul”. So then, the best stations for you are museums….

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Best Apartment Hotel in Taksim Istanbul

The number of Apartment Hotels in Taksim Istanbul increases day by day. Stars are all around but how many of them are shining now? Needless to say, this increase tarnishes the image of the field as in other ones. Only are those shining stars, who can do what noone can do or do the best and create a world of difference in what everyone does…

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