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10 Best Hospitals in Istanbul

“Health comes first” is a veridical saying as far as being a cliché. The need for eminent doctors of both Istanbul residents and guests is evident. As far as health is concerned, we always nose around for the competent ones because we are too fussy. To save you the trouble, we’ve chosen 10 of the best ones of these health-giving buildings with the boundaries of Istanbul for you. Here are the valuable doctors’ addresses:

Private Medical Park Göztepe Hospital



Address : E-5 Highway 23 Nisan Street No: 17 Merdivenköy Kadıköy/İstanbul
Telephone : +90 (216) 468 44 44
Fax : +90 (216) 468 45 67
E-Mail :
Web :
Medical Park provides services with 20 service buildings including four of them in Istanbul. We preferred to give information about Private Medical Park Göztepe Hospital among them for you. This hospital offers health service not only to patients in Turkey but also to guests coming from abroad. The hospital which is pretty successful in lots of fields has an agreement with many of national and international insurance companies. Private Medical Park Göztepe Hospital Complex also contains Cancer Hospital and Dental Hospital within itself. Cancer Hospital is assigned for cancerous patients. The building gets ready for them to be able to find whatever they need. As for Dental Hospital, one of the buildings is assigned for those who suffers from any of oral or dental problems to provide services fully fledged as in a university hospital. There are 293 hospital beds, 9 operating rooms, 64 intensive care beds and approximately 1000 employees including more than 150 doctors.

Yeditepe University Hospital



Address : İçerenköy District Hastane Yolu Street no:102-104 Ataşehir-İstanbul
Telephone : +90 (216) 578 40 00
Fax : +90 (216) 469 37 96
E-Mail :
Web :
With all high-end equipment, Yeditepe University Hospital provides a health service from A to Z. Having 190 bed space, this hospital gets a reputation for its disinfectants used for the beds. They disinfect them by using a water spray system at elevated temperature. They save you from “how many people lied in here” kind-of anxiety. They have a patient information system to be able to save the patients and their relatives from the paper works. This foundation, approved the quality of the service three times by JCI (Joint Commission International), works cooperatively with quite a lot of insurance companies.

İstanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital



Address : Abide-i Hurriyet Street. No: 166 Sisli – Istanbul
Telephone : +90 (212) 375 65 65
Web :
No doubt Nightingale is a hospital which won a name for itself. Originally, Florence Nightingale was an English nurse born in 1820. She was concerned with the soldiers who had got injured in Crimean War. This lady who put her heart to her job working night and day brought a remarkable reputation to nursing profession. She was the founder of the school of nursing, a part of King College London now. We can say that Nightingale is a milestone depending on her reputation for founding the first modern unmilitary school of nursing such that her birthday has been celebrated as International Nurses Day. You see, we’ve chosen one of the buildings in Şişli of these group hospitals. Nightingale founded in an attempt to take a step in cardiology branch is now a foundation which has 302 beds, performed open-heart surgeries over 2000 and provides services in all braches. Nightingale’s quality is approved by JCI once every three years.

Maltepe University Medical Faculty Hospital



Address : Feyzullah Street No:39 Maltepe/İstanbul
Telephone : 444 06 20 – +90850 811 02 51
Fax : +90 (216) 399 00 60
E-Mail :
Web :
I should start with the motto of the hospital: From Nursery School to University. Because there is no better way to show how much they care about education. They have been working pretty hard to improve the scientific quality. By holding on to today with their young faculty members and long-serving employees’ experiences, they perform a systematic work. They have a large academic staff including 20 professors. It is a foundation which takes as a goal to care the humanity, to respect the rights of patients and to have the best of the scientific developments. It provides a services to the patients with the department, Maternity and Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Siyami Ersek Chest Diseases and Chest Surgery Training and Research Hospital



Address : Tıbbıye Street No: 13 KADIKÖY/İSTANBUL Zip Code:34668
Telephone : +90 (216) 542 44 44
Web :
Serving for 40 years, it is thought that Siyami Ersek is one of the most preferable hospital by patients in Cardiology branch. Siyami Ersek opens its doors to foreign patients besides Turks. The hospital which doubled its capacity thanks to the second building of it built in 2000 has an agreement with many companies.

Zeynep Kamil Women and Children Diseases Education and Research Hospital



Address : Opr. Dr. Burhanettin Üstünel St. No:10, Üsküdar – İstanbul
Telephone : +90 (216) 391 06 80
Fax : +90 (216) 391 06 90
E-Mail :
Web :
Zeynep Kamil is one of the most heart-warming hospitals, I guess. Because this place started to offer services as a charity intuition in fact. Kamil Pasha and his beloved wife Zeynep Hanim used their private property to cure patients. It is incredible that the hospital which was built to provide free service still continues its existence today. To express gratitude to these two precious people, the parents gave their names (Zeynep or Kamil) to their children born in here. After their deaths, the hospital started to be modernized. After the regal relation with Ministry of Health in 1982, it has provided services as a Private Branch-teaching Hospital. Patients can review the sections prepared by the experts in the “Hasta Okulu” (Patient School) tab in the website.

Private Sur Hospital



Address : Namık Kemal Disrict Cengiz Topel St. No: 90 Ümraniye/İSTANBUL
Telephone : +90 (216) 481 99 55 (3 lines)
Fax : +90 (216) 481 99 58
E-Mail :
Web :
Because of friendly service of it and special attention to each patient, Sur Hospital is a very lauded foundation. Thanks to advanced technology, they covered a long distance in diagnosis and therapy of diseases. The hospital which has 2 operating rooms, 19 beds and 2 incubators will increase the capacity with each passing days. It also has an emergency service, polyclinics and neonatal intensive care units.

Haydarpaşa Numune Education and Research Hospital



Address : Tıbbiye St. No: 23 34668 Üsküdar / İSTANBUL
Telephone : +90 (216) 542 32 32 / +90 (216) 542 32 00
Fax : +90 (216) 336 05 65
Web :
Actually, we owe our thanks to Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid Han II’s sensitive personality for Haydapaşa Numune. The hospital laid in 1800s gave medical education. It was developed in time and took its final form. It has 709-bed capacity and 20 training clinics. Haydarpaşa Numune Education and Research Hospital offers services to patients with a large health care staff. Because they are a part of Patient School Programs of Anatolia North Public Hospitals Association, you can reach the all kinds of essential information in the “Hasta Okulu” tab in the website as well.

Haseki Education and Research Hospital



Address : Millet St. Aksaray / Fatih -İSTANBUL
Telephone : +90 (212) 529 44 00
Fax : +90 (212) 589 62 29
E-Mail :
Web :
The current location of the hospital started to be called Haseki in the past because of the reputation of the complex of Suleiman the Magnificent’s Haseki Sultan. The building offered services to only women first is accessible for all kinds of patients. They put Kızılay Polyclinic Building into service in 2012. They’ve won their guests’ approvals with 114 well-equipped patient rooms, 206 beds, 14 operating rooms, 16 intensive care units and other units.

Medicana Çamlıca Hospital



Address : Alemdağ St. No:113 34767 Üsküdar / İstanbul
Telephone : +90 (216) 522 60 00
Web :
Medicana Health Group is a foundation which offers services in a lot of cities and towns. As for one in Çamlıca, it was built in 1999. There are 2 angiography units, 3 cardiovascular surgery rooms, 7 general operating rooms, 36-bed intensive care units and 40-bed haemodialysis centre in 150 bed capacity Çamlıca. It has an agreement with numerous foundations including governmental agencies.