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Taksim Ultra VIP Apartments: Best Hotel Apartment in Istanbul

Taksim Ultra VIP Apartments Hotel is number 1 VIP apartment-hotel of Istanbul, with all 4 bedroom presidental apartments (some with panoramic bosphorus view or with private garden or balcony). Location of Taksim Ultra VIP Apartments Hotel is the best – at Cihangir Avenue, which is known as bohem neighbourhood of Taksim district and just 5 minutes walk from Taksim Square. It is even possible to walk to Kabatas sea-side within 5 minutes, which lets our guests to go to Sultanahmet by tram within 5 minutes or even by walk and also to Bosphorus Area at opposite side as well.

Our ala-carte restaurants JASH (on our left side) and Greecelogy (on our right side) are always ready to prepare you delicious dishes and also guests can order breakfast from our hotel staff to their apartments as well.

All our 4 bedroom 3 bathroom presidental apartments are air-conditioned in all bedrooms and living rooms , plus with latest technology from ground heating as well. All our apartments are non-smoking and protected with smoking dedectors, however each apartment has open-air area (such as terrace, garden or balcony), which allowes to smoke for smoker guests as well.

Wellcome to taste best apartment hotel experience of Istanbul and share your “Better Than Best Experience” with your relatives.

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Ata Demirer’s Casino
21 January 2016
We all know Ata Demirer’s singer side besides his humorous side. In this event that he undertakes to conserve the casino culture, he will be pep up your night with his songs and stories. If you want to both have fun and enjoy the music, here your address: BKM.
Van Gogh – a play
17 January 2016
The writer of the play which will be performed by Ülkü Tamer’s version is W. Gordon Smith. You will have a chance to see what Van Gogh experienced and how he felt in his art studio by Hakan Gerçek’s brilliant performance The play that Theatre Gerçek is staging will reflect what happened in that studio until Van Gogh’s art life eventuated in his suicide. The play which mirrors Van Gogh’s inner world has the pieces of his love and passion for painting. An unmissable play. Enjoy the play!
Sergen Şehitoğlu- Cubby Hole
Sergen Şehitoğlu- Cubby Hole
07 November 2015
The exhibition consists of his works you cannot find anywhere and it’s named as Cubby Hole meant chamber or cell. Of course, there is a reason behind it. The exhibition contains of the photos once again imprisoned an individual who is tried to be stereotyped in daily life, is isolated by taking away from his nature and locked up with rules and doctrines.
Sezen’li Yıllar (Years with Sezen)
Sezen’li Yıllar (Years with Sezen)
23 October 2015
A chance for a journey to her 40-year art life is waiting for you in Volkswagen Arena. She will be disparately welcomed with amazing dance shows and usages of social media platforms to include the audience among the giant show in the stage. In this organization guaranteed to carry out under all circumstances, Minik Serçe (Tiny Sparrow) is waiting for you with sometimes touching sometimes laughing stories of her songs.

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"Luxury for affordable price!"

Luxury for affordable price! Unbelievable! I didn’t expect this would cost such a low price. Our Istanbul trip was an unexpected journey. So we weren’t prepared for this. I was worth a shot. Laaarge rooms, clean bathrooms and kitchen… We were so satisfied. There was nothing imperfect.

Zhi Yun Han – China

"Comfortable beds, awesome rooms."

Guys, this place is reaaly cool! You must go and stay there. You’ll never regret it. After a long day, you can rest your private room well. The bed was so comfortable. Evenings, me and my friends spent our time hanging in the living room and watching television. It was a good time with no problems!

Jin Chou – China

"Romantic nights!"

I love cooking! I love this place! I cooked for my family and we had it together. And the view was amazing! Nights were so romantic that my husband and I spent our times in the terrace. Wine and a great book were also good company at nights.

Cheri B. Brewster – UK